4 Tips For Choosing The Best Moving Company

Looking for the BEST MOVING COMPANY? Are you comparing apples to apples?

We realize that comparing moving estimates from different movers can sometimes be overwhelming so we wanted to give you a few pointers to assist you during the process.

1) Make Sure You Are Comparing “Apples to Apples”best_moving_company

Not all companies use the same method for calculating their estimates. This can make it very confusing when trying to compare the estimates you receive. The different ways that companies may charge are by the hour, by weight, cubic feet or by the piece.

2) Make Sure The Moving Company Is Permitted By The State

The household goods industry is regulated in each state. In Washington, the regulatory body is the Utilities & Transportation Commission (WUTC) who provides consumer protections to you, the customer. Some companies who advertise (phone book, craigslist, nickel saver, etc.) may be operating illegally without this permit (different from a business license). Be sure to ask who regulates household goods in your state. Also, ask for the moving company’s permit number, which should also be included in all advertising.

Click for WUTC Permit Check

Click for WUTC Consumer Guide

3) Check The Moving Company Reviews



You want movers you can trust. The differences between moving companies can range from their level of customer service (from the first phone call) to how they prepare and protect your items. Make sure the moving company is well established and has not just good, but GREAT reviews online.

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4) How To Avoid Surprise Charges

It is very easy to look only at the price at the bottom of the estimates. BE CAREFUL. Anything that is included in your move should be listed on the estimate including the detailed inventory, packing of boxes, stairs etc. If it is not listed on your estimate, then it is not accounted for in the price and your price may go up the day of the move. So, make sure EVERYTHING is listed on the estimates you are comparing so there are no surprises on the day of your move.

These are just some quick pointers to help you navigate through the process of finding a moving company. If you have any questions or concerns about the estimate you received from our company or any other company, we will be more than happy to help clarify any items and translate any “moving verbiage”.


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