Speedy Movers is the PremierMoving Company in Kennewick, Richland, & Pasco!

Speedy Movers is excited to be part of the Tri-Cities! Customer satisfaction and quality work are our top priorities. We offer simply the best options for your moving needs. Whatever the size of your home or business, we can provide a customized experience that leaves you wondering why you ever used anyone else. Learn what makes us the best moving company in Tri-Cities!

“We know that a good reputation and a strong business is built through hard work, fair rates, and satisfied customers.”

If you are looking for the best option for a moving company in the Tri-Cities, look no further! Speedy Movers offers complete moving, storage, and packing services, as well as labor-only help everywhere in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco & more. We have moving services to meet your needs whether you are moving just a few pieces, relocating your whole household, business or storage. Speedy Movers offers corporate account and full commercial services, as well! 

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At Speedy Movers, we offer virtual estimates as another way to not only keep you safe but quickly give you an accurate quote.

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Home Moving.

We offer tailored services whether you’re moving just a few pieces or your whole house.

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Business Moves.

We can do more than just move homes; we can also move your business, office, or organization.

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Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, Speedy Movers will get you there.

“Doing business is much more than a transaction—it’s about relationships with real people.”

At Speedy Movers (SPEEDY), customer satisfaction and quality work are our top priorities. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers in the Pacific Northwest and surrounding area and we strive to make your move with us the absolute best experience ever! We are committed to being the best moving company in the Tri-Cities!

If our name sounds familiar, you probably grew up watchingMister Rogers’Neighborhood…

…or, our brand is growing (hopefully, that last one). Matt Deter started Speedy Movers (SPEEDY) as a way to earn extra cash for his college tuition. When it came time to name his company, Matt wanted to find a way to communicate his personal values for how business should be done. “Doing business is too often simply transactional. But, business is more than a transaction—it’s about relationships with real people.”

Mr. McFeely’s character from this popular kids television program represented more than a (speedy) transaction at each visit. Mr. McFeely became a beloved character and friend to Mister Rogers, and all who watched, because of the relationship that developed between them. To Matt, the “Speedy Delivery” catchphrase became a symbol for the ideal way business should be done, by creating not just customers—by creating friends.

Speedy Movers now strives to build on this ideal. We know that a good reputation and a strong business is built through hard work, fair rates, and satisfied customers. At SPEEDY, customer satisfaction and quality work are our top priorities, and our commitment is best captured through our mission to provide, “Moving Made Easy.” We seek to create a culture that inspires by building a team that take pride in what they do, who are always looking for ways to improve, and who care enough to treat every customer as their very own Mister Rogers. We are excited to carry this attitude as the best moving company in the Tri-Cities Area!

Matt Deter - Owner

Matt Deter, Owner

“The Safest Distance Between Two Points.”

Our Services.

Speedy Movers will create a personalized move strategy that meets your unique moving needs, timeline, and budget.

Full & Partial Moving Options

Speedy Movers makes it easy and affordable to customize your move.

With our full service moving options such as packing and unpacking to storage and cleaning services, we’re here to make your upcoming move is made easy.

Packing & Unpacking

Save time and eliminate the hassle of packing and unpacking all your belongings.

From full and partial packing options to our unpacking services, Speedy Movers can customize a packing solution to fit your needs and budget.


Is your new home not ready or are you doing a remodel on your current home and need somewhere to store all your belongings?

We’ve got you covered. We can help pack up and move your furniture and boxes into storage so you can worry about the important things.

Speedy teamwork

  “Moving Made Easy.”

Residential Moving Services

Business & Corporate Moves

Speedy Movers are more than just household movers. We are a fleet of trucks with trained moving specialists who can do your major business moves, expert office moving, organization, or retail store moving.

Car Shipping

If you’re planning a move and need to get your vehicle to your new destination, Speedy Movers can assist with your car shipping needs. Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or cross country, we’ve got you covered.

House Cleaning

You’ve done it! The papers are signed on the new and old homes, all your valuables are packed away and on the road, and then you realize that…you still have to clean the home you’re leaving.

We offer cleaning services so you can get on the road sooner and order that pizza and start unpacking at your new home.