Prepare for your Move | 5 Tasks Before Movers Arrive


Prepare for your move the right way. We want your move to go as easily as possible. So, here are 5 things to do before the movers arrive!

1. Have A Plan In Place For Pets and Children

Pets and children could slow the move down and be a danger to themselves. If you have kids, have a family member or sitter take them out to the movies or somewhere else for the day. If you have pets, put them away in a designated room or bring them to a friend or family member’s home.

2. Turn Off and Tell Your Mover Where Your Sprinklers Are

Make sure your sprinklers are off so your pathways, furniture, and movers don’t get soaked on move day. If you need your movers to walk through the yard or even drive over the yard, make sure to inform movers of where they are. Sprinklers can be tripping hazards; either mark them off or walk one of the movers around the yard to point them out. If you need them to drive their truck through your yard, you do not want a vehicle driving over your sprinkler system. That can cause very expensive damage and you may not even realize it happened until it’s far too late.

3. Disconnect Washers, Dryers, Ice Makers, & Electronics

Unless we have arranged to do so ourselves, it is your responsibility to disconnect all major appliances and electronics that we will be moving. Be sure to take pictures beforehand so you know how everything fits back.

4. Be There On Move Day

It’s best to be at your home or apartment on moving day to help answer any questions we may have when moving your items. You might also want to tell us about certain specialty items you want extra protection for

5. Declutter Indoor Pathways & Staircases

Be sure there is nothing in the way of these pathways and staircases. Anything that isn’t already packed into boxes, get them packed and ready for transport.

While these are very simple tips to prepare for your move, they are essential for a move made easy.
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